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DLCartel was created in response to the question, “When did freight become so overcomplicated?”

Long-time carrier, shipper, broker, and technology professionals started talking: Carriers aren’t monsters, and shippers aren’t helpless. The lines of communication between carriers and customers, which includes brokers, have been disrupted. Each one has been branded as antiquated or untrustworthy by one or the other. DLCartel is a carrier platform that brings everyone together, providing rate visibility that’s essential to move loads efficiently as well as equitably.

As a long-time carrier, we know the carrier community has been underserved and fragmented, relying on technology not built for them. DLCartel is an enablement platform that is as easy to join as it is use; we are delivering the useful tools and valuable benefits that small to mid-size businesses normally can’t get their hands on, making them more competitive, which benefits customers by increasing competition.